Eagle View Walk


Twenty nine people turned up for a 15km bushwalk along the Eagle View Walk in John Forrest National Park on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. There were wildflowers in profusion with masses of pink Verticordia, white Pimelea, blue Leschenaultia and many, many other varieties with names that escaped us – but that didn’t matter! There was so much to see that it was taking us about 1.5 hours to walk 2kms! Realising that at this rate it would probably take us 11 hours to finish, we had to get moving, stopping only to have lunch in a cool spot by fast running creek waters. (We now know why this walk is only recommended in the cooler months – it would be unbearable in the summer heat).
The walk itself was a steady climb of some 350m to Eagle View Lookout where we took in the impressive views across the Swan Coastal Plain to Perth before we eventually turned southwards and headed downwards past Hovea Falls to the end of the loop.   Thank you Bill for organising this wonderful walk! Thank you Kevin for keeping us on the right track, on time and all together!


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