New Zealand’s South Island 2016


Visiting the South Island of New Zealand with our Y Striders friends was a truly memorable experience! Visually superb, wild and unspoilt by progress or tourism, with amazing, well maintained walking tracks that are utilised by all age groups – even little children, this beautiful part of the world has it all…

The whole trip was researched, organised and coordinated by Graeme and it could be described as the trip of a lifetime for the twenty seven people who participated. It differed from most other travel, in that the ‘glad rags’ were left at home. Hiking clothing predominated, with hiking boots and poles, fleecy jackets, wet weather ‘skins’, gloves, scarves, hats and back-packs packed in the suitcases instead.

Graeme had organised hire cars for collection at the Queenstown Airport, excellent accommodation at seven different locations, all of our tours, water taxis and buses. He arranged all of our walks on the trails, lunch at a winery, our last dinner at a posh restaurant, places to stop for morning tea or lunch. He even made sure we were kept fully informed of all activities by holding a ‘Tour Director’s’ talk and happy hour almost every evening, so that there was no excuse if someone got lost travelling to the next destination.

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