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The Fremantle Stagger 2017


Weeks of planning went into this event, starting with three of our intrepid members joining Dave on an investigation into the pubs of Fremantle! How many pubs were tested remains to be told but we do know they had to be driven home by Susan. More than 30 people participated in Saturday night’s “Stagger” and although no one knew quite what to expect, they came prepared, wearing flat shoes for walking and their thinking caps on for answering the cryptic questions.
We started at the Sail and Anchor, where Dave and Susan got us all into the mood with hilarious quizzes, raffle draws and prizes, before sending us on to the newly renovated
National Hotel for more quizzes, raffle draws and prizes. Forming us into groups, our next task was to take a selfie of the group and then armed with a sheet of ‘questions,’ our groups had to find our way to the next venue….The Orient. Questions like “go past where Ahmed used to work”….. And “what was Ahmed’s job?” How amazing that there were some amongst us who knew the answer to that one!!
From The Orient there was a quick dash to The Norfolk Hotel and our allocated mission along the way was to collect 3 monogrammed napkins from 3 individual establishments – the first to arrive with the correct booty, won the prize, so the race was on!
By this point in time, the Y Striders had become quite competitive and secretive! No pointing to the answer, or speaking the answers was allowed – only whispers as we navigated the streets of Fremantle from the Norfolk Hotel with questions like….”what is not allowed outside the cinema,” “what does it cost to hire a bike,” “go past the bar of convict origins,” into “the sheepdog street”, and past the “head space place”……all the way to our final destination – the aptly named….’Strange Company’.
Dave and Susan have set the standard now! You are guaranteed a fantastic time, lots of face-aching laughs and good fun in wonderful company. Many thanks to Dave and Susan for all their efforts in making this an outing we will remember always.

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