Bike Ride 2017

Bike ride cropped
The day was awesome!
In picture perfect weather, we started the ride from Quarantine Park in Bicton and meandered through riverside suburbs, past Left Bank and the E-Shed, the Round House and the bustling markets at Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle.  We paused to listen to the Scottish Pipe Bands practicing on their bagpipes and then rode on to South Beach Café where we stopped under the shade of a large tree and sipped on a leisurely coffee.  Pushed onwards by Bill, we rode on past the old Robb’s Jetty and the spectacular Port Coogee development, along the winding beach dual purpose paths until we reached Woodman’s Point where we stopped for lunch and a lot of laughs.  Reversing the journey for the homeward run back to Bicton, we finished the ride after completing a total of 35kms.
Many thanks to Bill for organising this event…he could not have chosen a better day!!

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