Strength Exercise @ 6am

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At 6am on Wednesday, Deb had fourteen Y Striders at the session and almost all of the fourteen chose to do Deb’s specially created strength exercises for toning muscles. As the sun rose over the river and while most of you were still asleep at this cold, dark and early hour, the irrepressible Y Striders let their inner lights shine by keeping up hilarious banter throughout the workout. Kev and Pete discovered that they went to the same school and were even in the same class! Can you believe that they only just identified the connection? How long have they been training together at Y Striders??
Did you know that challenging your muscles with strength training exercises at least 2 or 3 times a week is all that is needed to help gain long-term benefits to muscles, bones and our general metabolism? Supplementing our walking, jogging and running with strengthening exercises will aid in injury prevention and help to make us stronger, faster and more efficient. You can do it too! Join us at 6am or 8am at Troy Park for an energising, early start to your day.

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