June Long Weekend 2017 – Pemberton

Pemberton is a hidden gem, nestling deep within the towering Karri forests and not far from the stunning Southern Ocean.  It is described as a green jewel in Australia’s South West where the land is rich with agriculture – strawberries, avocados, truffles, wine growing grapes, potatoes and many other varieties of fruit and vegetables.

After travelling south to Pemberton on Friday, Y Striders regrouped for dinner at the local pub before retiring for the night at their various chosen accommodation.   Saturday’s activities included the Truffle Hunt, the Donnelly River Cruise and the Tram ride through the forest, followed by an evening meal at the beautiful Hidden River Estate.

It was a very chilly but clear morning which greeted us on Sunday!  Graeme rose very early to ferry Nancy, John and Bill to the start of their 26km Bibbulmun trek.  He then turned back to do the trip again and together with Darryl, they ferried another seven walkers to the start of their 21.3km Bibbulmun trek.  Back they came, joining the third group of walkers to board a bus which took them to the start of their 12km Bibbulmun trek.  For a brief moment, Graeme had a chance to rest as the bus rattled along with the driver giving a running commentary on the history of the area and the difference between the various types of trees!

We stopped for lunch at the Arboretum, surrounded by giant Sequoia Trees and inquisitive Kookaburras while the billy boiled and all 27 walkers regrouped and rested.  This part of the Bibbulmun is truly beautiful!  The track is well defined and relatively easy to walk.  We walked past Beedelup Falls, Big Brook Dam, the Trout hatchery and fish ladder (where the trout come back to climb the ladder and lay their eggs).

That night we dined on Boerewors, Pap and Chakalaka, Bobotie, Frikkadels and Melktert – all South African food and prepared by the owner of the Millhouse Café.   The raffle for two hampers generously donated by Jen was won by Mary and Darryl and the inaugural auction of the bottle of a Y’s Drop wine went to John W.

To Graeme we say thank you for all of the hard work put into organising the weekend.  We had the best time! We laughed and laughed, talked a lot and will remember it always.

5 thoughts on “June Long Weekend 2017 – Pemberton

  1. Great summary of our weekend Elizabeth. An enjoyable weekend with much variety of experience. (Thank you for the superb organizing Graeme, Elizabeth & Darryl). A visit in amongst the tall tree environment is always good for the soul. So too is a weekend spent with lively engaging Y Striders!

    1. And don’t forget the beautiful poetry by Nancy Wilkinson. Well Done to all who organised a wonderful weekend, Graeme, Darryl, Elizabeth and anyone else who were involved.

  2. Had a great weekend as usual thank you to all those who put in all the hard work,
    very much appreciated.

  3. Thank you for a lovely long weekend,and all the work by Graeme Elizabeth and Darryl.
    Only one thing missing Svendbut he was there in spirit.????????????????????????????????????

  4. Looked like another fantastic long weekend had by all. Great seeing all the photos, wished we were there with you. Always next time!!

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