The Bibbulmun

Walking a stretch of Bibbulmun
On a cool clear day in Pemberton
A world of jarrah, marri and karri
And an intriguing array of fungi

In the season where trees strip bare
Shredding bark a nonchalant affair
Ethereal giants in mighty height
Stand gracious in winter’s light

Discarded bark a tripping hazard
For walkers with unconscious regard
Underfoot a wealth of treasure
A litter of nutrient fodder

Of regeneration and natural harmony
A forest is an old old story
For a bold species collective
It’s survival of the fittest

But this forest is more than tall trees
Of regrowth and survivor of fires
Camouflaged amidst forest debri
Lies pretty intriguing fungi

Colour and patterns intricate
The old, the tiny, the delicate
Growing on aged tree stumps
Through hostile ground, up trumps

Birds with native signature
Provided music for our walking pleasure
A group of Y Strider adventurers
Gained much in exercising venture

A day in winter on The Bibbulmun
Is a day of discovery and rejuvenation
From a world of horrible fracture
Absorbed into the harmony of nature

Nancy Wilkinson
5 June 2017

Walking from Beedelup Falls to Pemberton on The Bibbulmun Track
Y Striders Long Weekend Escape
3 June 2017



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