Twilight Walk 2017

The weather was perfect for the Twilight Walk on Saturday night. The plan was to walk from Burswood to the beautiful canals in East Perth and then back again via the Causeway in the light of a full moon – a distance of about 7kms.
Thirty five people gathered in the carpark at Burswood, piled all of their eskys and picnic paraphernalia into Brendan’s Hi-Lux and then set off walking at a leisurely pace along the pathway, unencumbered and under the watchful eye from the statue of William de Vlamingh. They walked past the magnificent new Stadium with its surrounding parklands and playgrounds, and then over the river by accessing the underneath of the railway bridge. The view from here was tranquil and beautiful! Continuing on past luxury apartments and the waterfront, they arrived at the Victoria Gardens – the centrepiece of the area on the southern side of Claisebrook Cove.
What a place to have a picnic! The group had the entire park to themselves, surrounded by trees, planted in in the late 1800’s and which are now being back lit by fluorescent lighting. Brendan’s Hi-Lux was emptied and everyone settled down to enjoy the break over a glass of wine followed by gourmet dinner choices. It was hard to leave! In fact some stayed behind they enjoyed it so much. But the rest of the group re-packed the Hi-Lux and then set off in the light of the full moon – now in full splendour just above the fully illuminated Stadium. A lot of photos were taken here…
Onwards along the waterfront and then over the Causeway back to Burswood, the group arrived to find Brendan had already unpacked the Hi-Lux into the carpark and was threatening to sell all the contents to the people passing by! Tongue-in-cheek of course!
It was a wonderful evening and the general consensus was that this should be an annual event as it was so enjoyable. Thank you Ann for organising this for Y Striders! Once again you have done us proud. And thank you Brendan – you made all of this possible for the group!





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