Wind-up for 2017

Our final session for 2017 started with a Zumba warm-up led by Deb, dressed in our finest Christmas outfits we tested our dancing skills and I think we may have even stayed in time for a little while. After a casual stroll breakfast appeared, as usual, members supplied a feast which was enjoyed by everyone.
Ann conducted a sing-a-long, all members participated in a flawless rendition of ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ complete with actions. There were awards presented by Deb and Anita for various talents and attributes, e.g. the ‘Yackety Yak’ award and the ‘Back in the day’ award. The ‘Yackety Yak’ award resulted in a tie between Eva and Julie B, and I’m sure there were a host of runners-up. The more serious award, the Brian Cook award went to Bill Swalling for his efforts at the club and his commitment to fitness, and encouraging others.
The end of year challenge was won by Team 5, Bill, Joan, Chris, Kerry, Leonie, Mary and Darryl and there may have been some others who weren’t at the breakfast. The Christmas Hamper went to Julie Z (runner up Christine) and the raffle of Elizabeth’s cook book went to Nola (runner up Eva). Tension built as Chase the Ace went down to 10 cards left in the pack and was eventually won by Karen.

Our incoming club President, Ken (and Deb), invited all members to a Soiree at their home the same afternoon and again members supplied a feast. We all enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the garden, great company and it was a lovely way to finish the year. Many thanks to Ken and Deb for hosting this event.


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