President’s message 2018

Welcome to 2018 everyone. It’s Ken here, your fledgling President. At ease. Remain seated!
We resumed this week with a session at Troy Park last night and morning sessions today (thanks Anita). So, it’s business as usual.
No doubt some of you will have contemplated/set/re-set your healthy lifestyle goals for 2018 over the break. Based on my own patchy attempts at consistency over the years, any goal is often best approached in small steps – as this usually delivers small rewards, avoiding the disappointment of setting the overly ambitious goal that becomes too hard and falls by the wayside. For example, a short walk followed by some light stretches can soon lead to a resumption of more active pursuits.
My own goal is to try some cross-training this year. Santa’s provided training fins and goggles for the pool. I’ll be riding my bike too. Those activities, together with walking (usually dogs, golf, Striders on Saturday mornings and grandchildren – see pic attached) might help me avoid the Achilles soreness that’s dogged me since joining Striders a couple of years ago.

So, welcome to 2018, and best wishes for whatever goals you may have for the year.
I hope to see you at a session soon.

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