21st Birthday Celebration

Boom diddy…..Boom diddy…..Goodness Gracious Me –
Many of us are still humming the tunes performed by our many talented members at the Y Striders 21st Birthday Dinner held at Glen Iris Country Club on Sunday night.
Past and present presidents Chris and Ken started with a memory defying rendition of “I’ve Been Everywhere” – first performed to much merriment on our recent club trip to Tasmania.
I hear that British Airways are looking for two runaway hosties – Ann and Elspeth – flying high songbirds combining class and comedy in equal measure with operatic flight and safety instructions. The Flower Duet from Lakme may never seem the same to me again 
Donald (AKA Brian) was right at home in Glen Iris as a kilt wearing balladeer with a shock of red hair and “no troosers” it seems.
Doctor Dave and his amorous patient Ann, finished with “Goodness Gracious Me” – (still ringing in my ears) Women were lining up to see Doctor Dave who said he could be available for 6 minute consultations at $60 if needed.
Everyone was feeling pretty relaxed and happy by dessert so it was time to get them to open up their wallets for our annual fundraising auction. A rare vintage of red, bottled 10 years ago at a Y Strider long weekend, has become a much sought after memento of our club spirit. It has been acknowledged as “Too Special”, (read undrinkable), to open, so last year’s successful bidder, John W, generously added a Penfolds Grange to the Y Strider Cab Sav making it a double winner. Spirited bidding saw previous years’ records topple as John and Kerry T continued the tradition of John and Nancy W, (husband and wife bidding against each other), to take the wines home for $90 – let’s hope John doesn’t drink the wrong bottle
Food and service at Glen Iris was great – thank you Social Secretary Ann for organizing, secretary Elizabeth for advertising and co-ordinating, and treasurer Julie B for collecting and disbursing funds.
Like herding cats, president Ken kept proceedings on track and on time and started the night with a thank you to the four founding members who were present – Elizabeth, Darryl, Ros and Karen – all still walking and very active members in club affairs.
Friendship, care and support is often demonstrated in our club and for Birgit and Iris recent accident and health setbacks have shown again our club spirit. Ken outlined the benefits of belonging to a club.
A feeling that members have of belonging
A feeling that members matter to one another and to the group
A shared faith that member’s needs will be met through their commitment to one another
Our strength is we care not just about our physical health but the emotional health of our members.
So a toast to our 21 year old club – From Strength to Strength – In Spirit, Health and Numbers.
Christine H

21st Birthday

21st Birthday 21st Birthday 21st Birthday 21st Birthday

21st Birthday

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