Anne Rinaldi Fun Run/Walk August 2018

Anne Rinaldi Fun Run/Walk 2018
Congratulations Jatinder!
We may be a very social club but we are very serious about our walking, running and exercise! Jatinder demonstrated his commitment over this last year.  The trainers voted him the most improved and committed member with the best attitude over the last twelve months. On Sunday, he was awarded the ‘Personal Best Award’ at breakfast after the club’s annual 12km Anne Rinaldi Fun Run/Walk.
It was a lovely sunny day for our run/walk and Ros’ garden was a showpiece as she, once again, opened her home for the breakfast. Our “chef” Darryl with new sidekick; Colin, could outdo many local eateries with their tasty and well prepared breakfast.  With Elizabeth organizing and assisting none of us are surprised by the efforts of this dynamic duo – plus one. Thanks also to Julie Z for her help.
After the hungry herd was fed and watered our president Ken was able to explain the history behind the loved member (Anne Rinaldi) in whose honour this event is named. He mentioned the qualities she embodied and that we seek to encourage in our members.
Jatinder was surprised and pleased to receive his award! He thanked our trainers: Deb, Anita, Tash and Celeste for their training tips and acknowledged the support and encouragement that fellow members have offered him. We all know what a difference this comradeship makes in maintaining our fitness and fun.
With all eyes on Ken’s presentation to Jatinder and his thanks to all concerned, Darryl didn’t notice the smoke from the last piece of toast – his own specially prepared gluten free bread – saved again by Elizabeth’s quick action and our amusement.
We are indeed fortunate to have so many willing helpers behind this event – Terry and Kaye who put out and retrieved the km markers from Bicton to Fremantle, the many thoughtful members who supplied the fruit salad and healthy nibbles, and everyone who helped to tidy up afterwards.
Just another reminder that fitness can be fun when shared with like-minded friends! Thank you all.
Christine H

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