Darryl’s Bacon & Egg Strider Muffins August 2018

Darryl’s Bacon and Egg Strider Muffins
The word went out that Darryl’s Bacon and Egg Strider Muffins would be served for breakfast at the annual Y Striders Incorporated Fun Run! No further encouragement was needed for the fitness gurus. They signed up to walk, jog or run the 12km distance from Bicton to Fremantle and back again. And all because of Darryl’s famous Bacon and Egg Muffins!
Training began in earnest. Cold and wet at that time of the year, it takes dedication to stay motivated and on target, so the focus for the participants is on knowing that the Strider Muffins will be there at the end.
Years of muffin making has honed Darryl’s ability to get it right! He has his list for the required equipment, and another list for groceries. The day before the event, he shops, packs and organises himself. He will need 6 dozen English Muffins, 6 dozen free-range eggs, 2 kgs bacon and 3 big bunches of spinach for those who don’t eat bacon. He needs egg rings, tongs, foil, oil, serviettes, tomato sauce, butter, toasters, frypans and all manner of paraphernalia.
Arriving early on the day of the Fun Run, tables are set up, the barbeque is heated, English Muffins are split in half and toasted, spinach is washed and wilted, and just before the walkers and runners start to arrive, Darryl dons a chef’s coat and hat! It creates a lot of laughter as it is intended as a joke and a little bit of theatre. His team of volunteers assembles and wraps each individual muffin while he keeps everyone entertained with his skill on the barbeque.
Y Striders members love this annual event! Not just for the pleasure of exercising along the foreshore of the beautiful Swan River, or for being out in the fresh air in the company of like-minded people – but because there is the anticipation of something good at the end of the run! A time to reflect on their amazing achievement as well as one or two of Darryl’s Bacon and Egg Strider Muffins!

Anne Rinaldi FR-3

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  1. Great walk/run amazing breakfast venue, food and last but not least company.Thanks to all those that put in the hard work.

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