Christmas Lights Trail 2018

Any chance of our Christmas Lights Trail being a “silent night” were quickly lost as Y Striders gathered at The Lucky Shag on the banks of the Swan River. A tasty meal was enjoyed as club members prepared for the walk ahead. Soon a large group of “merry gentlemen” and ladies were ready to head off into the city.
It was an occasion to wear Christmas themed attire: Santa hats, shorts, elf ears and a wide variety of T shirts prevailed. Only one person arrived dressed as a Christmas present! Thanks Chris, for amusing us with your strategically placed ribbon. Graham shone a “star” as he bedazzled with his Christmas clothing. He was definitely the winner of the prize for the most innovative Christmas outfit!
Team work was needed as enthusiastic club members looked at the light installations and attempted to answer the many quiz questions. One question even involved a run/walk for an extra kilometre to get an answer. There were occasional stops for further Christmas questions and answers. We knew who were “naughty or nice” as correct answers were rewarded with prizes made of chocolate!
After the  brief food stop at Forrest Place team members were summoned by Santa Dave’s whistle to continue on their Christmas Quest. We finally arrived at our destination of Yagan Square. Here prizes were awarded to the teams with the highest score. Well done, Ken and team for being first.
Although a cool and blustery night, teams performed well. Only Christine found the time to shop for a thick down jacket! Great for the night air but also perfect for her upcoming winter holiday. “Let it Snow!”
It was an engaging and entertaining evening. All teams did well and it was great fun to be sharing the “comfort and joy” with such a lovely group of people.
Thank you, Susan and Dave for all of your hard work in doing the initial walk through, then preparing the amusing and challenging quiz questions. You led us through the city, rounded us up and kept us on track when we were easily distracted. You certainly “believed in the magic”.  Elves, Pam and Kevin were enthusiastic helpers, who kept up the challenges with lots of questions along the way.
Thank you to all the participants in the mighty quiz. Thank you to all Y Striders and may your Christmas be “merry and bright”.


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