Christmas 2018

2018 Christmas Breakfast

The last session of the year for 2018 was definitely one for the books!

Y Striders arrived dressed in Christmas attire and instead of the usual run or walk options, this morning was different. Head Trainer Deb R, had music blasting and suddenly we were off…doing Zumba! The skill level ranged dramatically and it was an entertaining 20 minutes of exercise.

Next, we adjourned to the clubrooms where President Ken took us through the more formal aspects of the morning. This involved thanking the committee and club members and reflecting on all of the great activities and events that Y Striders had been associated with throughout the year.

Deb R followed with very amusingly titled awards for many of the Y Striders who had distinguished themselves in various ways throughout the year. These awards were well earned. They highlighted the different types of involvement and commitment of so many Y Striders.

Deb also announced the winners of the “Great Wall of China” challenge. The team, Kung Pao, winners were Nancy, Carolyn, Jatinder, Ros, Julie, Chris, Rosie, Sue M-T and Malcolm.  They were the first group to collectively walk or run 560 kilometres over 4 weeks.  Well done!

The Brian Cook Award is designed to highlight the achievements of the Y Strider who has shown “personal commitment and club contribution over the year”. This year the award was presented to two people:

Ros C for her tireless dedication as ambassador for the group.  Ros takes on many tasks associated with new members and the 4 weeks trial period.  She sends the emails to group members and oversees the Saturday morning tea at the clubrooms.  Plus, Ros is always out walking, encouraging others to do so, and competing in events throughout the year. Congratulations Ros on a well-deserved award.

Kevin A is also tireless contributor to the club.  Among his many achievements; he has been instrumental in helping the committee with constitutional matters, completing many jobs for the club and conducting reconnaissance for “away” walks to ensure that they are Y Strider friendly. He was instrumental in preparing the committee for the September Open Days and actively researched and negotiated with the City of Melville and others for grant applications and marketing. Congratulations Kevin on your well-deserved award.

Following a nomination by Kevin A and unanimous approval by the 2019 Committee, the Club’s most prestigious  Life Membership award was presented to Julie B .  Julie has been a member of Y Striders for 18 years and Treasurer on the Executive Committee for 17½ years, working tirelessly to ensure financial stability. Julie energetically takes on extra duties and is rigorous in her approach to the club’s finances. The club is in a stable and secure financial position due to her careful ministrations. Congratulations Julie, for all your hard work and positive approach to problem solving.

Lastly, we thanked our industrious trainers: Deb R, Anita A, Natasha T and Celeste G. They are a dedicated group who make our training sessions valuable and focused. Under their tutelage we continue to improve and develop our strengths and skills.

Thanks to all committee members and their helpers for making this club such a warm and welcoming organisation.

With the formalities completed, club members and trainers had time to enjoy the beautiful breakfast. It was an eloquent and satisfying end to the year. Thanks to all Y Striders for your humour, good will and competitive natures as you have made all sessions and activities exciting and rewarding. We all look forward to 2019 and the fun and challenges ahead.

Christmas3 Ros

Christmas2 Kevin Christmas10 Got Your Back Award Christmas9 Red Carpet Award Christmas8 Light My Fire Award Christmas7 Jamie Oliver Award Christmas4 ChinaWall Christmas1 Julie Christmas5 Deb

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