Y Striders 22nd Birthday Celebration 2019

It was a cold and blustery evening as 47 people settled in to celebrate the 22nd Birthday of the Y Striders club. The Eat Greek Restaurant in East Fremantle provided an excellent space for noisy Y Striders to come together to relax, laugh, chat and enjoy each other’s company.
Club President, Ken outlined the plan for the evening, and it was not long before the action began. When Ken donned his colourful Quiz Master’s jacket, everyone knew things were getting serious. The quizzes were challenging and with even the nimblest fingers and thumbs working hard at Google, it was difficult to get all of the answers correct. The table dubbed “Charlie’s Angels” did particularly well in the first 2 quiz rounds. However, they were defeated in the last round as John W led his table to an exciting finish with a tie breaker clinching their success.
It was then time to adjourn for the meal. Everyone enjoyed the buffet meal. It was sumptuous with a wide variety of choices and plenty for everyone. This was followed by more fun and games. Ross W won the raffle and was presented with a brand new $100.00 note. Then the Y Striders: “Y’s Drop” (or Nil By Mouth), bottle of wine was auctioned along with a lovely bottle of local red wine. The bidding was fast and furious! Almost everyone wanted some of that wine! Christine H was a very competent auctioneer encouraging higher bids and making sure all were included. Finally, John W was the proud winner, he paid a handsome sum to enjoy looking at the Y Striders bottle and drinking the other valuable red.
The last entertainment for the evening was the golf ball game that club President Ken had devised. Two teams of 3 men were in competition. This involved a man with a golf ball, another man’s trouser legs and a lot of movement. Needless to say, this very un PC game was hilarious, with screams of laughter and embarrassment not only from the competitors but from every person in the room. The winners were John W, Ross W and Terry P.
This was a wonderful celebration in typical Y Striders’ style. Thanks to Ann R for organising the venue, to Ken A for being Master of Ceremonies and organising the entertainment. Also, Elizabeth T and Julie B who did the emailing, collating and collection of funds, plus the other helpers and participants in all of the activities. Once again Y Striders have shown their appreciation for their club and all of its members by honouring it with this great night out.


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