2019 Xmas Brekkie - 6 Y Striders

2019 Christmas Breakfast

Christmas is a time of celebration and Y Striders do celebration in style! They arrived wearing their Christmas outfits and ready for some fun. Deb R quickly had everyone moving with a Zumba session under the trees where coordination skills and rhythm were put to the test. Deb showed us how to combine exercise and dance with a lot of laughs. There was a short walk to loosen muscles and then back to the clubrooms for the real business of the day.

Firstly, Deb announced the winners of the End of Year Challenge. It was a close contest with teams all performing well. First prize went to team: Stopplebot Collectors with 85 tokens. They were very proud winners. (See a list of each team’s performance below.)


2019 Xmas Brekkie-1 End of Year Challenge winners
A great team effort from the End of Year Challenge winners.

President Ken gave warm thanks to the committee members and others who put in a lot of their own time to make sure the club continues to function successfully. He also explained that two of our dedicated trainers are moving on into occupations that will not allow them to be available to Y Striders. Both ‘Tash and Celeste have been integral to the club; always giving instruction with care and understanding. They have encouraged us when needed and have been friendly, helpful and professional. They both will be greatly missed as they have become a part of the Y Striders’ family.

2019 Xmas Brekkie Trainers
Farewell to our wonderful trainers ‘Tash and Celeste. You will be sadly missed.


The main award of the morning was the Brian Cook Award which is given to a club member who has shown “personal commitment and club contribution over the year”. This year’s winner was Nola Greenwell. Nola is the club’s Trainer Liaison Officer and her quiet and confident manner in handling this role has been outstanding. She is dedicated to ensuring there is always a trainer at the clubrooms and making sure that training continues uninterrupted for Y Striders, no matter what happens. All Y Striders can appreciate the effort Nola makes so that training continues seamlessly for the entire year. Thank you, Nola, for all that you do.


2019 Xmas Brekkie-4 Prize Winner
The winner of the main award. Recognition given to dedication to the Y Striders club.

Hungry Y Striders then tackled the tables groaning with all sort of beautiful breakfast foods as they enjoyed the conclusion to another very successful year. Among the chat and good-will Ken A announced the winners of the Christmas Hampers that were lined up for all to see. There were 6 lucky winners who each took home a hamper that will keep them going for a long time.


Christmas Hampers
Christmas Hampers won by lucky Y Striders


Deb R was the winner of the silent auction and took home the stylish beach bag made by Julie Z. There was a big thank you to John W for his afternoon training sessions. Under John’s tuition, dedicated runners have been making huge personal achievements.

As the morning ended, Y Striders were making their way home blessed with fantastic memories of a year that included inspiring walks and runs, great social events, weekends away, bushwalks, meals, movies, friendships and so much more. Just a short break before we are all back keeping fit and enjoying all that Y Striders offers. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year everyone. See you in 2020!

End of Year Challenge Scores

  • Stopplebot Collectors 85 No Stars 84
  • Easy Beats 80 Jabberwockies 79
  • Just Turn Up 72 Santa’s Striders 71
  • Anons 69

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