2020 Wine and Cheese Soiree

2020 Wine and Cheese Soiree

Predictions of unusually wet and stormy weather did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of 35 Y Striders.  They came together to enjoy each other’s company while sitting in a beautiful back yard sipping  wine and tasting incredible cheeses.  Rain had been threatening for most of the day, forcing our wonderful hosts Deb and Ken to come up with a variety of options for the  Wine and Cheese Soiree. However, we were able to spend most of the evening outside.

We enjoyed platters heaped with tasty morsels, as well as a variety of cheeses from different countries and regions. We were given information about each cheese, and this helped us to understand the flavour and  structure.  The “Mystery Cheese” was exactly that, and guests had to guess cheese type and area. This was a very interesting exercise.

Entertainment was supplied by Ann R and her merry troupe of musical Y Striders. Costumes and hilarious actions meant that everyone was entertained. Thanks to Ken’s daughter Kath for the piano accompaniment.

Thank you very much Deb and Ken (and daughter Liz) for opening their home to the club and making the evening such a success. When the heavens finally opened and the rain came down we adjourned to the car port and were happy to enjoy the cooler temperature.

Thanks also to Ann R for all her hard work with rehearsals, directing and keeping her unruly bunch of singers together for the evening.

3 thoughts on “2020 Wine and Cheese Soiree

  1. Dad sent me the video, it was a hoot!

    Looked like a fun night for all.

    1. Thanks Scott, it was a great night. I think everyone had a good laugh and a lot of fun.

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