Testing our Skills at Goanna Golf.

Teams assembled at Point Walter Golf Course on Sunday 15th for the 10.30 start of the Y Striders Goanna Golf Tournament. Each team had four golfers who were eager to test their skills. Fortunately, teams had been selected through a random draw, so team skill and talent seemed to be evenly balanced.
It seemed that shrieks of laughter, groans of frustration, cheers of success and general noise and comment, made the morning an especially enjoyable one for the golfers. I don’t know who was more amused, us or the other golfers watching our antics.
On the high side, there were quite a few holes in one (Ros C – well done!). On the low side, there were quite a few balls retrieved from the stream flowing through the golf course. Some groups took the course very seriously, followed all the rules and even made up some new ones. Ross W was the bunker champion, contorting himself into remarkable shapes and even blowing the ball across the grass to score a point. There is a rumour that some other groups managed a little bit of cheating as well. Surely not from Y Striders!
At the end of the session, we moved to the park at Point Walter to enjoy our picnic lunch and chat. How lucky we were to have a warm sunny day after all the rain. Well done all Y Striders who participated in the mini golf. It was a fun event for everyone.
Thanks to Ann R who organised the event, chased up the late payers and made sure the day went smoothly.

J Freeman

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