AGM Meeting 2020 2

AGM November 2020

AGM November 2020
After our usual exercise on Saturday morning, Y Striders gathered to participate in the annual AGM. It was a great turn out with 32 club members attending the meeting.

President Ken welcomed everyone to the AGM and noted that the Executive and Committee had been re-nominated and accepted for the coming year. Although this year has been vastly different to usual because of COVID- 19 there was still plenty to include in the President’s report.

Ken mentioned the effort made by many club members to keep the club running smoothly while we dealt with a Pandemic, the club closure, the club restart with limitations and finally almost back to normal. He presented his report using headings that really underlined the wonderful nature of the Y Striders’ club. When the President referred to “Unsung Heroes”, “Sense of Community” and “Hospitality” it became apparent that Y Striders is more than a running and walking club, it is a community that reaches out and supports everyone. It values everyone’s role in contributing to keeping the club functioning and active.

Also included was praise for the trainers. They have coped with dramatic changes and have proven how adaptable they could be to the changing situation throughout the pandemic. And, there they were, ready with a smile as soon as we could resume sessions again.

The Fitness Sub Committee has played a strong role in keeping Y Striders strong and fit and has been working on developing programs and making them suitable to members’ changing needs.

Although we had a disrupted year, there were other activities to mention, and these included the social activities we managed to attend before and after “lockdown”. Weekends away also figured highly on the calendar once we could move around the state again.

The “Club Revitalisation” has become a club focus. The Product and Reach teams are working to raise our profile in the wider community and attract new members.

The Treasurer, Julie B outlined the financial situation for the club. Even after the pandemic the club is maintaining a sound financial position.

At this stage of events, the President encouraged members to review the reports in the Meeting document and invited everyone to participate in the delicious breakfast that had been supplied by club members for all to enjoy. What a great meeting. Well done Y Striders and trainers for surviving a tough year and maintaining such a great club.
J Freeman

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