Asics Fun Run April 2021

ASICS Fun Run 2021

Riders Runners on the Storm
Just when Joan dC was starting to despair about finding another lonely song title (having used up All by Myself – Eric Carmen, Is there anybody out there – Pink Floyd on previous races) a number of energetic Ystriders signed up for the annual Asics Bridges Fun Run.
Signing up is one thing, but pitching up on a rainy, windy morning with the threat of northern tropical cyclones lurking, is another. However seven Ystriders arrived, survived and thrived on Sunday 11 April.
The 10km route had once again been changed, sigh. This time the 10km started at Riverside and ended at Elizabeth Quay with a little extra loop near the end, so that those walking from the station could get an extra soaking before the race started and a warm-up of 800m, yikes!
Six Ystriders did the 10km and age doesn’t count as the two first over the finish line were David followed by Martin. This is despite Martin pointing out that David’s thick wool socks didn’t look like running socks. Clearly, they were David’s secret weapon, and he came in 4th in a time of 54.43 and Martin 5th in 57.55 in the 70+ male category. Terry also came in at an impressive 6th in his 65-69 group with 1.17.
Joan was clearly not making much effort at the end and came in on 60, missing the hour cut off by seconds, but was 10th in the female 55-59 age group. Eva and Kaye ran much of the race together, but Eva pipped Kaye in the end coming 4th in the 65-69’s with 1.06 while Kaye followed soon after and came 11th in the 60-65 age bracket for women, with 1.07.
Leonie did the 5km from Elizabeth Quay to South Perth and back and came in an impressive 2nd in the 70+ female group with a time of 36.12.
Not all personal bests, but all pretty good category results and with the inclement weather and the need to avoid puddles, everyone was happy afterwards. Especially when they were safely inside drinking coffees nearby. There were some calls for whiskies at the local pub, but to prevent nappy rash most agreed it was time to get out of those wet clothes and head home to a warm shower….
Joan De Castro

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