2021 Curry Night 3

Curry Night

Bollywood Bravado and Curry Night.

Be Bold, Bright and Brave were definitely themes for the Y Striders Curry Night. Neerja and Jatinder had organised a wonderful night of education, amazing tastes and fantastic Bollywood dancing for the Y Striders who came along to enjoy Indian flavours and entertainment.
The evening began as Y Striders arrived wearing their boldest and brightest clothing. Colourful and traditional, Neerja, showed us all how to dress appropriately for the evening! Many others found Indian inspired clothing to wear to help bring an authentic feel to the occasion.
Neerja explained Indian curry spices and basic flavours, telling us how to get the ingredients in order and what to use to make a curry flavoursome and hot. She had the curry cooks hanging off every word. This was followed by our meal; the main curries were the lamb and the chickpea curry that Neerja had made for us. Totally yummy!! There were many other types of curry, rice and bread brought along by Y Striders as well. What a feast!
Then it was time for Bollywood. The Bollywood Bandwagon dancers had many of us up and dancing. They took us through some basic steps and soon we were dancing along. Although Y Striders’ dancing ability ranged greatly, everyone had a good time. Then the Bollywood Bandwagon performed for us and that was colourful, skilful and most enjoyable.
After Bollywood, it was time for dessert, and everyone made the most of the wonderful sweet treats.
Thank you very much, Neerja and Jatinder for your huge effort in making our curry night such a success. Thanks to Ann R for organising the evening and to everyone who contributed to its success.
Jo Freeman


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    1. Yes, it was a good night and we would have loved to see you both dancing Bollywood style!

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