2021 Anne Rinaldi 2 Joan Foley

2021 Anne Rinaldi Fun Run/Walk


After the cancellation of the Anne Rinaldi Fun Run Event in 2020, Y Striders were very happy to hold the event this year. There was a feeling of anticipation and excitement as club members prepared. Everyone was enthusiastic to make the 2021 Anne Rinaldi a YEAR OF FIRSTS!

This was THE FIRST TIME that Y Striders have fielded a team of Half Marathon runners at the Anne Rinaldi Fun Run/Walk. There were 5 energetic and excited Y Striders who had been training for more than 3 months preparing for the Half Marathon. Running from Quarantine Park in Bicton, skirting Fremantle, past South Beach to the old power station near Cockburn, and return. What an effort!! Eva, Joan, Pam, David and Terry proved that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. They did their own warm up and were away by 6.30 am. They were welcomed back to Quarantine Park from approximately 9.00 am. They were a very proud, satisfied and exhausted group. What an amazing effort! Congratulations to you all.

This year was THE FIRST TIME that there were staggered start times. Our trainers were there to help us with a warm-up at 7.15 ready for a 7.30 start for those who wanted to run or walk 12 kilometres. Then another warm-up at 7.45 am for those who wanted to walk at 8.00 and complete the 6 kilometres. Thank you to Cassy, Patrick and Anita who took us through the warm-ups and made sure that we were ready to go.

This year was THE FIRST TIME that Joan Foley has won the Anne Rinaldi Memorial Award. This award is given to the club member who has ‘worked tirelessly throughout the year to achieve their personal best’. Trainers, Cassy and Patrick were there to give the award and recognised that Joan, ‘is a silent achiever who is very deserving of this award. She has shown up every week with a smile on her face and dumbbells in hand. Whether it’s strength, walking or running, she always gives 100%. She is a super-motivated person who we love having at the club’. Congratulations to Joan who has worked hard to overcome injury, continued to improve all aspects of her health and fitness, plus be self-motivated and improve from walking to running again. Well done, Joan, you deserve this award!

This year was THE FIRST TIME in many years that members contributed items for the breakfast. Once again, Ros C generously opened her home to everyone for breakfast after the event, and it was delicious! There was a beautiful fresh fruit salad and cereals followed by a delightful variety of breakfast foods. This was just what was needed after the physical exertions of the morning. As always, this was a lovely way to spend the morning with friends relaxing in Ros’ leafy yard and reliving the event. Thank you to our President, Ken who welcomed us all to the breakfast.

There are many people who contributed to the success of the Anne Rinaldi Event. Firstly, thanks to Eva H, our Club Captain, for keeping everyone motivated and managing to run the half marathon. Also, Kaye and Terry who helped with the road markers, plus Ros and Leonie for all the hard work with the fruit salad and other food organisation. And thanks to Ros for having us in her home again. Thank you to all club members who contributed food, time and effort to make this a YEAR OF FIRSTS and a YEAR TO REMEMBER!

J Freeman

2021 Anne Rinaldi 2 Joan Foley

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  1. It’s great that Joan won the Anne Rinaldi award as when I joined the club over 21 years ago, Anne Rinaldi and Joan were great friends. They used to run together and it was Anne and Joan who asked me to run with them. I was only a beginner runner then and I got to know them both quite well during the subsequent runs.

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