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2021 September Fun Runs

Sunday September 12th was a beautiful day for a Fun Run!  The weather was perfect, with a cool morning, blue skies and hardly a breeze.  But there was a dilemma!  Which Fun Run was the perfect one for our competitors?

Joanne S and Leonie H chose to run in the Women’s Classic.  This began at the WA Marathon Clubrooms in Burswood.  Joanne completed the 10 kilometre run, and Leonie chose to run 5 kilometres.  Both women ran impressive times and finished their morning with a glass of champagne and a small breakfast.

Meanwhile at Bibra Lake there were 8 energetic competitors supported by Kaye P.

Mary N, Terry P, Bill S and Cara M all chose the 6 kilometre single lap around Bibra Lake. Cara ran the entire 6 kilometres and this was a major achievement as it was the first time in more than 15 years that she had completed a continuous run over a designated length.  Well done Cara!

Joan de C, Martin K, Ann P and Eva H all chose to complete the 12kilometre run (or 2 laps of Bibra Lake). Ann P easily ran the 12 kilometres and managed to engage Eva in conversation the entire run, with these 2 runners crossing the finish line together, still talking! Joan averaged a very good pace of 5:39 per km over the 12 kilometres and came 4th in her age group.  Terry was running at a faster pace than normal and was very pleased with this improvement.  Martin ran well achieving another pleasing time.

Mary represented the walkers and she lured her son John along as company. They both walked the 6 kilometres and enjoyed the fine weather together.

So obviously, both Fun Runs were the perfect ones for our competitors. 

This was a great effort from all the Y Striders who competed on Sunday.  It is wonderful to see you out there showing how you have benefited from your training and commitment this year. Congratulations everyone.

Eva Hart 

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