2021 Freo Running Festival 1

2021 Fremantle Running Festival

It was an ominous start to the weekend when the temperature topped 39C on the Saturday before the Fremantle Running Festival. Fortunately, it was cooler on the Sunday morning, but it was still hot and uncomfortable. Although the conditions were far from ideal, 6 Y Striders turned up to run remarkable times and achieve amazing results. Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to the supporters.

Who was involved?
Ready for the start at Esplanade Park in Fremantle, were Leonie, Cara, Martin, Terrence, Ann P and Eva. Leonie and Cara ran the 5 kilometre course, Martin ran 10 kilometres, and Ann, Eva and Terrence all ran the half-marathon 21.1 kilometres!

What was it like?
Each “run” had different courses, and the half-marathon had three different laps. The runners found it hot and humid and there was little shade. The conditions were not ideal, but it shows how fit and remarkable the Y Strider runners are as they all managed well under the circumstances.

Were there any noteworthy achievements?
Martin ran the 10 kilometre course and was first in his age category!
Ann and Eva crossed the finish line together and Ann was 5th in her age group and Eva came first in her age group!! Eva also ran this marathon 4 minutes faster than her previous run.  Great effort to you all.

Were there any supporters?
Yes, there were Y Striders there to support the runners. Joan de C was there for the start and to cheer the runners on. Kevin and Pam were moving around to different parts of the course to cheer and support the runners. Kaye P was kept busy with her spray bottle keeping runners cool as they sped past. Jade (Kaye’s daughter and a former Y Strider trainer) was there to support the runners as well. John W came along and was very encouraging. After Leonie and Cara had finished their run, they were actively encouraging the other runners. Karen was there cheering and taking photos. And Noah, Terrence’s grandson joined him for the final run across the finish line!

How proud are they?
These runners are incredibly proud of their efforts as not only was the run challenging, but the weather was very inhospitable.

What should you do?
Take the time to congratulate these hard-working runners – it has taken a lot of continued effort, training and organisation to be able to complete a run like this under trying conditions. Well done: Leonie, Cara, Martin, Eva, Ann P and Terrence.

What did they do then?

After a little rest there was time for a very well appreciated, well earned and refreshing long, cold drink! Go team!

Eva Hart. 

5 thoughts on “2021 Fremantle Running Festival

  1. I’m so impressed with you all! What an amazing commitment leading up to this event and then completing it in the summer heat. What’s more, you are still smiling at the finish.

  2. What can we say?? – all of you are truly amazing….especially in that heat!!
    Eva, Ann P and Terrence – you all deserve your well-earned success. You have really worked/trained hard for this event. A great milestone to have achieved. Where to from here??

    1. (And your all still smiling)
      Well done to you all. What an amazing achievment, not just on the day but all the hard work you put into the training. So insperational.

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