2021 Christmas Tree

2021 Christmas Break Up

The Y Strider Christmas breakfast is always a time of fun and celebration. This year the trainers devised a short walk followed by a “treasure hunt”.  Grouped as our Olympic countries we were sent all over the ‘world’, performing exercises, remembering clues, hurrying to be a winner and trying to get back for breakfast.

Then into the hall for the more formal part of the morning. This began with the trainers announcing various awards. Everyone was waiting to find out the winners of the End of Year Challenge.

  • Most Sessions Attended AND, Greatest Distance Travelled – JAPAN.
  • Most Strength Sessions Attended – RUSSIA.
  • Individual Longest Timed Plank – KEN A & KEVIN A (7 mins 15 seconds)
  • Individual Longest Wall Sit – JATINDER & BILL (10 minutes)
  • Fastest Kilometre Walked – PAM A (6.58 mins) followed by JOANNE S (7.27 mins)
  • Fastest Kilometre Run – RENEE P (4.13 mins) followed by MARTIN  K (4.25mins)

Well done to everyone who had a go with the End of Year Challenge. The competition was fierce and efforts were keenly watched and contested.

The trainers showed us all how observant they are (and that they have a sense of humour), by awarding a variety of “other awards”:
Best Dressed – Rosie,  Biggest “Darl” – Julie B,   Always Late – Mary,  Most Flexible – Leanne,  Best Jokes – Joanne F,  Best Chatterbox – Jennie T,  Best Recruiters – Eva and Ros, and Biggest Trainer’s Pet – Ken.  Followed by Happy Birthday to Elizabeth.

2021 Y Striders Xmas Trainers Awards
Trainer’s Awards

Next we thanked our long serving committee members who have recently retired from their positions.  Thanks to Julie, Elizabeth, Eva and Nola for everything you have done over the years. 

2021 Y Striders Xmas Ex- Committee Members
Thankyou to retiring committee members.

Ken then proceeded to announce the Brian Cook Award. He reminded us that that:
Brian Cook was one of Y Strider’s founding members (along with wife, Ros). Although not on the executive committee, Brian worked tirelessly behind the scenes. In 2014, after Brian’s death, under Chris Booth’s presidency, an annual award was created to commemorate Brian’s outstanding contribution and achievements. In view of Brian’s wide-ranging and generous support of the Club, the criterion for the award is:
‘outstanding contribution to the Club during past or current years’

Each year, the winner of the Brian Cook Award is chosen by seeking nominations from the trainers and the members. The President then considers the recommendations and makes the final decision. Several members were nominated this year. But the decision was made easier by the overwhelming support for one member in particular.


‘Karen is quiet, unassuming and always reliable. She has been our ‘go to’ girl for a long time. Karen takes photos, keeps up the website and, when there’s anything technical about online stuff, she’s always ready to advise. She’s very competent in everything she does. And, of course, she’s a quiet achiever. She just gets on with things without expecting recognition. In my view it’s about time she was recognised’.

2021 Y Striders Xmas Brian Cook Award K Castle
Winner of the Brian Cook Award, Karen.

Karen is a founding member of Y Striders – that’s a 24 year history. She has been working quietly and consistently behind the scenes since the club’s inception. Here’s a list of many of her contributions.

• Karen assisted the Fitness Committee in researching and testing fitness apps to identify a modern alternative that could replace the club’s computer program
• She is a professional photographer who has very generously given the club permission to use many of the wonderful photos you see on the web page, blog, and trainer and committee profiles. Her photography continues to ensure a very professional public image for Y Striders.
• She continues to provide valuable input into the design and ongoing development of the current Web page – one of the key planks in our successful membership initiatives.
• She manages the role for Y Striders wardrobe and apparel. She keeps us decked out in the latest fitness outfits, jackets and T shirts. Have you seen the trainers’ T-shirts with the word TRAINER on the back? Karen organised those.
• She organises book sales at the club, the proceeds of which are donated to Y Striders.
• She serves on the Management Committee, quietly providing input and support for our membership Reach and Web Teams.
Karen’s input into Y Striders over the past 24 years has been exceptional. Without her generous support, the club would not operate as smoothly and professionally as it does. She places club members and the strength of the organisation at the heart of everything she does for us.
She is a very worthy recipient of the Brian Cook Memorial Award.

Lastly, thank you Ken, for all that you do as President of our wonderful club.

Sessions officially resume January 4th.

J Freeman

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