2022 AGM

2022 AGM

Our wonderful trainer, Anita, started the session with an outline of the End of Year Challenge. And it’s an Exercise Bingo! This is not designed for a couple of hours of peaceful sitting down relaxing. Oh no! Y Striders will have to complete a challenging set of tasks if they are to make it to the end and qualify for the prize. To avoid Striders ‘fudging’ the results the Bingo sheets are to stay at the clubrooms and if you are completing a task away from the trainer’s eyes, you will need to show photographic evidence of your achievements. Get started this week Y Striders, as we only have 4 weeks and there are quite a few different things to do.

At the AGM,  club President, Ken, took us through the past twelve months. There are so many enthusiastic members who contribute to the running of the club. Not only do they work on the day-to-day running of the club by painting markers on the road, supplying tea and coffee, they also develop challenging programs and inform members of opportunities to challenge their fitness. Striders have also developed skills in market research, advertising, social media and new software packages. We have a club that continually demonstrates its warmth and vitality as it has welcomed many new members into its community. This has meant that the club is now on a solid footing in many ways.

Kevin Adamson and Chris Booth have resigned from the committee. Both have been members for a long time. Chris was also President for five years. We wish Kevin and Chris well and thank them for their continued hard work and dedication to making Y Striders the club it is today.

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Ken thanked all club members, including the unsung heroes who continue to commit to often routine tasks that keep the club moving along in its friendly way. The volunteer trainers need a special mention as they have been wonderful in their efforts to keep each session active and welcoming. Ken then vacated the chair to allow new President, Jennifer Turner to take the seat.

Elizabeth Turton thanked Ken for his 5 years of being President. She outlined his many achievements during his time as President. Of particular note was the effort made to keep exercise sessions running whenever possible during COVID. The fact that he could get a large number of members turning up to Zoom sessions for exercise is quite amazing. The diminished membership that resulted from COVID meant that a major effort was needed to get the vitality back into the club through increased membership. Ken started the Reach and Product teams that identified membership issues and developed ways to get new members to the club. Another recent achievement was the Planning Guidelines for Y Strider events. There are so many achievements that have led to the club being in a strong financial position, it has been revitalised and it is in a positive situation for the future. Elizabeth presented Ken with a small token of the club’s appreciation.

The ukulele group, (plus Chris), sang a personalised rendition of “Thank you very much…” ably assisted by our own dancing girls. Thank you, Ken for all you have done for the club…. And of course, for that you intend to do…

Finally, we adjourned for a sumptuous breakfast. Once again thank you to all who made or brought along the lovely breakfast. We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s AGM.


2022 AGM 3

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  1. What special occasion it was! I loved the girl’s performance for Ken’s send off! Thank you Ken and all involved in the 2022 Committee for your hard work in providing us with a fabulous year at Y Striders.

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