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2022 Christmas Breakfast

“Jolly and Bright” Y Striders arrived ready to enjoy the last session of the year and It was not long before our enthusiastic trainers had us out doing our warmup activities. Then into teams to complete our challenges for the morning. The competition was fierce and exhausting.

The formal part of our get-together began with the Trainers announcing the winners of our intriguing Christmas Challenge. Trainer, Anita announced that Leeta C was the runner-up. She had completed more than 8 of the tasks on the Bingo sheet. The winner of the grand hamper prize, for completing all 12 of the Bingo tasks, was Fran S. Well done, and congratulations to you both.

President, Jennie T then went on to announce the award of Life Membership – to Elizabeth Turton. Jennie outlined some of the many tasks that Elizabeth has taken on over her 25 years of membership. These make Elizabeth a worthy recipient of this award. Here is a reminder of just a few of the many things that she has done over the years at Y Striders:

• Being Secretary and an active member of many sub committees
• Being the record keeper for the club, developing pre-exercise screening documents
• Developing guidelines for Trainers, Club Planning Guidelines, revising the Club Constitution
• Developing the club website, being active on social media and other advertising media
• Managing Club Communication through Grapevine, and the digital membership data base
• Organising accommodation, hospitality and tour bookings for holidays and long weekends

And the list went on and on. Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything that you have done for Y Striders over the past 25 years. Congratulations, you are a worthy recipient of a Life Membership, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the club for a long time.

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Ken A, (our previous Club President) announced the winner of the Brian Cook Award. This award is given to the person who has made an ‘outstanding contribution to the Club during past or current years’. The winner of the award was, John Wilkinson (Club Captain). Among the many comments that were made about John’s contribution were the following:

• He has devoted the entire year to encouraging Y Striders to improve Vitality, by working on Strength of Mind, Body and Purpose.
• John creates opportunities for every club member, whether it is learning to play Mahjong, running a half Marathon, or competing in an Aquathon. His energy is infectious and he has dedicated himself to helping each member reach their potential.
• John has a very enthusiastic approach and easy likeable manner. He delivers thoughtful challenges that are inclusive and encouraging.

Thank you, John for being a wonderful Club Captain and a worthy recipient of the prestigious Brian Cook Award for 2022.

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At the conclusion of the formalities, President Jennie T wished everyone Happy Christmas and New Year and invited everyone to stay and enjoy the sumptuous breakfast provided by cub members.


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