2023 Triathlon

2023 Australia Day Triathlon

Recently, a group of three  – whose ages range from 68 to 76, started the new 2023 year by meeting each week for a swim at the beach or local pool. They also practiced their bike riding skills and endurance running, in preparation for a Triathlon being held on ‘Australia Day’.
We call them the ‘Awesome Three’: Eva, Martin and John. They are a great example of a positive attitude towards aging, and how to counteract negative internal ageism. Plus, they are having fun while training for a purpose!
Mindset matters: Sometimes, negativity sets in, and we start to tell ourselves that we ‘can’t’ exercise because we are too old or not fit enough.
For 72-year-old John, the club’s regular participation in fun runs, duathlons, aquathons, and triathlons is an important part of his life.
“For me, it’s all about setting and achieving goals to increase my strength of mind, body, and purpose and therefore boosting my vitality level. If I believe I can, then I’m halfway there!” he says.
For 68-year-old Eva, taking every opportunity to challenge herself just a little bit more, whenever she can, is very important.
“People talk about the need to get out of your comfort zone, but I haven’t found my comfort zone yet. I find it rewarding just to enjoy life as much as I can,” she says
It’s all about laughing a lot and having fun
Joining the group of happy people at Y Striders’ sessions is like keeping an important appointment. It’s what keeps the members going, keeping them alive. Otherwise, they’d probably stay in bed more often.

Our hardy Triathloners had an enthusiastic and vocal group of supporters who were keen to cheer them on their way.  Maybe next year there will be even more Y Striders prepared to have a go at the Australia Day Triathlon. 

E Turton 

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