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2023 February Paddle Boarding

The best thing about Y Striders is that they enjoy a challenge! On Sunday morning 16 eager Striders gathered at Shelley Beach to try their hand at Stand Up Paddle Boarding. There was a little bit of nervous discussion about sharks, but our instructor assured us he had flown his drone already this morning to check the water, and he told us that few had ever been seen this far up the river.

Although only marginally reassured, Striders were prepared to risk all for the fun of paddle boarding. And what fun it was. Our instructor gave us all some basic instruction while still  on shore and then we all took off on the water.

It was very easy to see which way the wind was blowing as we all headed in one direction. Soon paddlers were getting a little more confident and were up on their feet and controlling the board very well. It says a lot for all of the strength and core-body sessions that we have taken at Troy Park as Striders were a confident lot on the water.

What a beautiful morning to be out on the river and the hour seemed to pass very quickly. It wasn’t long before all had returned and were dragging the boards up on to the beach. But the morning wasn’t finished! Next it was on to Lo Quay café for a wonderful breakfast outside under the trees.

Thanks again to Ann R for organising the paddle boarding, especially as there were some unforeseen last minute changes.

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