Y Striders has been operating since 1997

The club was founded to bring together people who wanted to exercise in a friendly non-competitive environment, who wanted to train on a regular basis to maintain their fitness, or who wanted to build their levels of endurance to be able to participate in long distance walks and runs. The club accepts all levels of fitness from absolute beginners to the very fit and welcomes all ages from eighteen to over eighty, however the members are predominantly aged 40 and above.

What to expect at Y Striders

Y Striders Incorporated is a fitness club with a difference, where members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own exercise habits, to set their own goals at their own pace and within their own capabilities. You won’t see daunting exercise equipment at the club and you won’t feel intimidated when others can do better than you. If you are a complete beginner, you will be assessed by our Fitness Trainers and depending on your level of fitness will go through a gradual introduction to walking over a minimum time frame of six weeks. You will increase both your distance and speed at each session and you may even alternate between walking and jogging until you find a pace with which you are comfortable. If you are already fit and used to exercising, you will be paired with someone who can keep pace with you to accompany you around one of the seven road routes in Attadale.  Once you have set your pace, you will very quickly find compatible walking, jogging or running partners in the Club.

Our Fitness Trainers make sure you warm up and stretch thoroughly before and after exercising. They demonstrate how to exercise correctly, help you set goals and provide advice and the motivation to continue to build your fitness and endurance.

Some members take a more casual approach and just love the chance to walk, jog or run with others, the training and the social events.

Group exercise

Y Striders Events

Every year we organise a calendar of events and off-site sessions for our members, and once a year Y Striders holds its own Club Run in preparation for the City to Surf Fun Walk/Run. Some of our members regularly take part in many of the independently scheduled Fun Walk/Run events throughout the year.

Group exercise

Our People

The club is run by a volunteer committee which meets at least six times a year.  No-one is paid for their efforts except the Fitness Trainers.  We are a very social club and this is where the real strength of the Club lies – in the many, varied social activities in which most of the members enthusiastically take part.  All of our members are passionate about their exercise and try to attend at least three sessions a week to keep their fitness levels at peak condition.

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