The story of Y Striders Incorporated


1994: It started as a franchised fitness business but the reality was that it could not be sustained. After eighteen months the business folded. The enthusiastic group of people who regularly trained, found themselves without trainers or a place to train.

1996: Emergency meetings were held to discuss the options and a decision was made to create an independent, not for profit, incorporated club with a possible affiliation with the YMCA. The group liaised with the City of Melville and Troy Park Association for the right to use their fields and clubrooms, consulted with Sports Medicine on how to set up training programmes, identified the necessary insurances, set up a budget and most importantly – identified the right person to be the first Y Striders Trainer.

1997: The club needed a name. The final decision was ‘Wise Striders’ which was shortened to Y Striders because not only does it sound the same but it has a double meaning referencing the possible affiliation with the YMCA. Guidelines were set up for a system of awards that would encourage the members to strive for milestones. The slogan “For Fitness and Fun Walk Jog or Run” was born. New logo, brochures, a Constitution and all other documentation required for membership were created. The first Executive and Management Committees were elected from the core group and Y Striders Incorporated was born on 14th July 1997

2001: The affiliation between Y Striders and the YMCA ceased and the club continued as an independent body, run by volunteers

2008: ‘Travel With Us’ was introduced, proving to be a huge success with members. The first walking holiday was to hike the trails in the pristine air of Tasmania.

2012: Recognising the importance of maintaining strong bones and muscles as we age, Strength sessions were introduced on Wednesdays as an optional extra to walking, jogging and running

2016: The active and sociable holidays continue around the world. To date, members have travelled as a group on walking holidays in Tasmania and New Zealand. They have walked more than 260kms on the famous Bibbulmun and 100km on the beautiful Cape to Cape Trail.

2018: Y Striders celebrated its 21st birthday. As part of the celebrations, the club successfully obtained grants from both the City of Melville and Serco to increase community awareness of Y Striders.

2020: Plans for walking in the UK were placed on hold, as were all other plans for 2020.  COVID-19 impacted on everyone’s ability to travel.  Procedures were put in place at the clubrooms to limit the member’s exposure to COVID -19 risk.  Equipment could no longer be shared, social distancing and remaining outdoors to boost the immune systems were just some of the precautions which would  become standard practice.  The very popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Strength was increased from two sessions per week to four sessions per week – as an optional extra to walking, jogging and running.

2021: The club’s first road trip adventure to Kalbarri, Carnarvon and Coral Bay was completed in August/September, with members walking or running the trails in each destination.  

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