QI am very unfit.  Can I join a program?

A – Yes. The programs are designed for people with all levels of fitness, including those who are extremely unfit.


QI am in my sixties, can I join?

A – Yes.  The only barrier to participation is on the grounds of an adverse health condition.  Your age does not preclude you from benefiting substantially by participating.


QDo I need a medical certificate to participate?

A – You will be asked to complete a Pre-Exercise Screening Form and this assessment will determine whether you need a clearance from your medical practitioner.


QI have heart problems and wondered if the exercise will cause me to have a heart attack?

A – The risk can be reduced by first consulting your medical practitioner.  However, research has proved that the risk during jogging and aerobic walking is exceedingly small.


Q I’m worried that I might injure myself with walking or running – how can I avoid this?

A – You can reduce the risk of injuries by choosing the correct footwear for the exercise that you do, by correctly stretching before and after training, and by correctly following your chosen training program’s progression to completion.


QIf I start walking, can I switch to running?

A – Yes.  Y Striders have a technique to enable you to make the switch comfortably and productively.


Q I have low backache – should I exercise?

A – It is best to discuss your back problem with your medical practitioner and obtain clearance to participate.  Generally however, low backache improves as a result of running or aerobic walking because muscle tone and weight loss are enhanced.  Our beginners’ program, shock absorbent shoes and a very gradual progression of exercise should reduce the risk of aggravating your condition.


QDo sessions continue in cold weather and rainy conditions?

A – Yes.  All sessions continue to operate regardless of the weather conditions and are sometimes conducted indoors.  Air temperature or body wetness does not cause illness, provided that the body is not allowed to cool excessively.  Clothing should be appropriate for the weather.


Q What should I do if I am following a program and am unable to attend a session?

A – You may attend any other session on a different day or you may complete a session on your own after conferring with the trainer.


QDo I need to follow a program?  Can I just exercise for the fun of it?

A – Some members take a more casual approach and just love the chance to walk, jog or run with others.


QI would like to run a marathon.  Is it possible that I could achieve this?

A – Y Striders’ programs will help you get fit and running well.  Then you can work on achieving a marathon.


Q – I have previously run marathons but have suffered some persistent injuries.  Would joining help me?

A – There are programs available to help runners reduce the chance of injury and at the same time increase strength and endurance.  Y Striders could help you in achieving a  return to marathon running.

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