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There are seven sessions to choose from and each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Members are encouraged to attend at least 3 sessions a week.

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Training Session Timetable

Monday 6.00 am and 7.45 am
Tuesday 5.45 pm
Wednesday 6.00 am and 7.45 am
Thursday 5.45 pm
Saturday 7.00 am

Session Information

  • Sessions that fall on a Public Holiday are always cancelled.
  • Saturday sessions on a long weekend are always operational.
  • During the summer months when the weather forecast is predicted to be 33 degrees or higher, Wednesday’s 7.45am session will be an ‘in the water’ session at South Beach.
  • Y Striders has a 2 week break over Christmas and New Year

This is one of the main activities that Y Striders enjoy.  Y Striders walk with purpose during the club sessions. 

Running and Jogging:

Y Striders are active runners and joggers.  They work at improving endurance and skill.  Many runners compete in events throughout the year and enjoy the camaraderie of running and training together. 

Optional Alternatives

Interval Training

An optional alternative on Tuesdays and Thursdays – come and join in the fun – if you are game!

Our Interval Training is aimed specifically at runners keen to improve their performance while remaining injury free. We offer individualised programs of ‘easy’, ‘steady’, ‘tempo’ and ‘threshold’ interval running, interspersed with rest periods.  All programs are pitched individually, based on time trials conducted periodically.  Runners are able to work comfortably at intensities suited to their level of ability.

Strength Training

This all-over workout of the whole body challenges and ensures high energy expenditure in the shortest time possible.  All fitness levels are catered for – from the newer and possibly unfit members to those who have been participating for some time.

You can expect a workout using light to moderate loads such as kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands.  Be warned though!  Our Fitness Trainers like to be creative and no two training sessions are ever the same.

An optional alternative on Mondays and Wednesdays – these sessions are addictive!

Group exercise

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