See the Benefits of Interval Training.

Interested in improving your running?  What are you waiting for? We run  on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Interval Training can be part of the Thursday sessions.  This is an option aimed specifically at runners keen to improve their performance while remaining injury free. 

The benefits of Interval Training are:

  • Burn more energy
  • Increased Endurance – improved cardiovascular fitness
  • More time efficient – you need less time to achieve the same aims as longer training sessions
  • Less risk of injury or over training.
  • Not as boring as this system is fun!

Interval Training involves both Aerobic and Anaerobic energy producing systems. These are interspersed with a recovery phase. 

Runners can participate in the  ‘easy’, ‘steady’, ‘tempo’ and ‘threshold’ interval running, interspersed with rest periods. 

Time trials are conducted periodically and help each runner work out their level of achievement.   Programs are pitched to each individual’s ability. Runners are able to work comfortably at intensities suited to their level and work to improve strength, speed and fitness.

There are also Dynamic Stretches designed to stretch the body ready for interval training. Dynamic stretches often mimic movements used in a sport or activity. They prepare the body for activity by helping to increase blood flow and muscle temperature. 

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