Y Striders is all about running, jogging and walking. Some club members have been runners all their lives and some have only started running since joining the club. All of them want to improve their skills and times and keep as fit as possible.
A runner can run at any of the session times, but many of the runners come together to run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This time seems to suit many of them.
If a runner wants to do their own thing, then that is okay. However, the trainers work with the group to improve all aspects of running, in particular: speed, strength and endurance. On top of this trainers are always looking to help with improving running skills, avoiding injury and encouraging individuals to achieve their personal best.
Y Striders’ trainers can assist you to schedule a workout by utilising one of the specialised training programs. You can choose from the ‘Beginner to 10km in 13 Weeks Running Program’, the ’12km Running Training Program’ or the ’12 Week Beginner Half marathon Program’. You don’t have to do a program. You can simply fall into step alongside one of the other runners and find your own pace.
The trainers help with static and dynamic stretches, assist with the different programs, motivate runners for events and help with all aspects of fitness.
Running is all about improving cardio vascular health. It has a very positive effect on bone strength, mood, weight and general well-being.
What are you waiting for? Why don’t you join Y Striders and get running.

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