Strength Training for Added Fitness

What are you waiting for? Join the Y Striders Strength sessions for increased all over fitness.  These sessions are conducted outside and involve a workout for the whole body. 

These challenging sessions are a lot of fun and ensure high energy expenditure in the shortest time possible.  Come along and join us and improve your fitness and strength in a relaxed environment.  All fitness levels are catered for – from the newer and possibly unfit members to those who have been participating for some time. You can expect a workout using light to moderate loads such as kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands.  Our Fitness Trainers like to be creative and no two training sessions are ever the same. At present Strength is offered on a  Wednesday, but more session times are planned.  Be warned, this  is exciting, fun and addictive!  Look out for more Strength Training sessions times soon.

Here are comments about Strength Training from Deakin University in Melbourne: 

• Walking, cycling and swimming alone are not effective for preventing bone loss or falls.

• Rapid, short bursts of weight-bearing exercise are more effective than one long session.

• For the greatest benefits and to also improve muscle mass and strength, include progressive strength (resistance) training – lifting weights that become more challenging over time – at least twice a week and ensure that the exercises target the major muscle groups around the hip and spine.

• Regular moderate intensity weight bearing exercise that will stress your bones – for example dancing, stepping, jogging, stair climbing, skipping, tennis – are most effective for bone health.

(Professor Robin Daly, Chair in Exercise and Ageing at Deakin’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University Melbourne)

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