Walking at Y Striders is all about walking with a purpose. There is something enjoyable about coming together to walk with people who walk the way you do.
There are all sorts of glum statistics about physical decline after the age of 40 years! Walking is a fantastic exercise to improve physical and mental well being. By walking, we improve our muscle mass and bone density, improve the performance of our heart and lungs and give our joints a good work out. Plus, we reduce body fat levels and improve coordination, balance and our mood. That all seems very positive, doesn’t it?
To this end, most Striders try to make their club walking sessions highly focused by challenging themselves with their speed and distance. However, if you want to spend your session having a ‘walk and talk’, are recovering from an injury, are just starting your fitness journey, or are just out of sorts, then you decide what suits you on the day.
Sometimes walkers want a more structured program to help reach fitness goals or to prepare for an event. We offer a 5 Kilometre Walking Program and a 12 Kilometre Walking Training Program. Members can ask the trainers at any time to help them work their way through one of these programs or just follow the program themselves.
There is also a Beginner, 10 Kilometres in 13 Weeks Running Program for those walkers who become so inspired that they decide to start Jogging and Running. At Y Striders, there are many members who began as walkers and have gone on to join the Joggers and Runners.
As Y Striders are active travelers, there is always a walking adventure being planned. Striders have walked in many parts of the state, the country and overseas. All members get the chance to participate in these fantastic adventures.
Join Y Striders and become part of this active community. You will make friends, improve your health and fitness, explore new places and have a lot of fun at the same time. What are you waiting for?

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